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Charlélie Couture


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Year 2015

Category Painting

Technic Acrylic on canvas

Height x Width (cm) 130 x 176

Signature Signed

Geographical zone Europa

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Born February 26, 1956, Bertrand Charles Élie Couture discovered at the age of 12 an exhibition of Dada painters that inspired him to become an artist. He enrolled in the École des Beaux-Arts, where he aspired to learn to draw storyboards in order to become a film director. He also studied music. Charlélie Couture believed in a ‘Total Art’, which combined writing, image, and music.
To fund his studies he began to sing in concerts. He self-produced his first two albums 12 chansons dans la sciure and Le Pêcheur. It is in fact his singing that enabled him to achieve success. In 1981, he signed with the well-known label Island Records. The same year, his album Poèmes rock was released and made him known to the general public, especially thanks to the song title Comme un avion sans ailes.
He did not forget his passion for painting, and exhibited his works in several French galleries. The artist aligned himself with the ‘multiste’ trend. ‘One can be an artist with different expertises,’ he explained. ‘For me, it is above all a cerebral disposition.’ In the early 1980s, he founded the group ‘Local à Louer’ in Nancy, where photographers, painters, and poets united. ‘Art’, he wrote in Manifeste de l’Art Rock, ‘must make the junction between the functionalism of industrial society and the aspirations of pop culture!’ In the 1990s, he became interested in art online with his site Les champs paraboliques.
In 2004 he left Paris for New York, wishing to have a fresh start. ‘All my work since I have been in New York revolves around the notion of reconstruction’, he explained to the journal Le Monde. Over the course of his career he released 25 albums and never stopped painting. He has toured and exhibited throughout the whole world.
In 2010, he launched the RE-Gallery, a meeting place revolving around art.

(Pauline Le Gall)

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