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What is the procedure for negotiating the price?

Find out all you need to know regarding how the price negotiation operates.


Do you see a work that you like?
Make an offer.

On ARTVIATIC you can offer a seller the price you are prepared to pay for their work.
Your identity is not revealed to the seller at this stage, you negotiate anonymously. The seller may reply to your offer with a counter-offer.


Negotiate with your seller

You continue to negotiate with the seller until you agree a price.
At this stage, the seller is sent your contacts and gets in touch with you directly.


Don’t wait to reply

The seller has 48 hours to reply to your offer.
If you receive a counter-offer, you have 24 hours to reply to it.


See the work for real before confirming the sale!

As soon as the price is fixed, the seller will contact you to propose a private visit.
ARTVIATIC can organise it for you.
After seeing it, you decide if you wish to confirm the sale.