Hiscox Insurance is an offered service available as part of your Artviatic Premium acquisition

As the owner of a premium work of art from www.artviatic.com, enjoy Hiscox insurance, issued by Artviatic to your account and valid:
  • For this work of art purchased through Artviatic
  • For a period of one year from your acceptance of delivery of the work of art.
Your benefits:
  • Enjoy one offered year of Hiscox "All risk cover" insurance upon your acceptance of delivery of the work of art to your home,
  • Benefit from insurance on the agreed value up to the purchase price, with a cap of 1 million euro (€1,000,000) per work. For works whose purchase price is greater than €1 million, the policy is subject to the prior agreement of Hiscox,
  • In the event of a loss, Hiscox' dedicated teams will call upon a network of experts and restorers specialised in works of art.

Hiscox, a trusted specialist insurer for more than 50 years

The "Fine Art by Hiscox" policy meets your requirements and protects your works of art in France and worldwide: paintings, drawings, engravings, designer furniture, sculptures, etc.

For greater simplicity, we offer an "All risks cover" - covering anything apart from exclusions. In particular, it offers the following coverage:

  • Choice of settlement following a claim (restoration and payment for loss in value, or replacement, or reimbursement of the value of the artwork)
  • Compensation in the event of theft, loss, fire, water damage, breakage or accidental damage and the reimbursement of additional expenses resulting therefrom
  • Works of art covered wherever they are, including while in transit

Example of claims

While being handled, a painting belonging to one of our policyholders was punctured. It was a piece created by a major artist of the Nouvelle Ecole de Paris. We compensated our client for a total of €215,000, which corresponds to a 50% loss in value compared with its value prior to the incident and the cost of restoration, carried out by a specialist.

Do you have further questions about this policy?

Would you like to discuss the insurance needs of your collection?

Please contact Verspieren Clientèle Privée, the insurance broker in charge of this coverage:


By e-mail : http://www.verspieren-clientele-privee.com/contact/

By telephone : 03 20 45 76 78