My experience of the art market led me to believe that it would be highly beneficial if we could keep intermediaries to a minimum.

I have always had a passion for the art market. Over the years I have had the privilege of coming into contact with a number of masterpieces and have gradually earned the trust of some very discerning collectors and investors, accompanying them as they discovered many exceptional works. I was able to help them buy and sell paintings that were valued fairly, while maintaining their privacy.

The internet has changed everything in the art market, as elsewhere.

The digital revolution has created a new transparency that benefits professionals and amateurs in the art market alike. There are websites where you can register to instantly obtain auction results, estimates, sale prices and identity profiles, and follow market players etc. As online transactions have taken off, people are able to negotiate artworks in real time, directly, and cheaply. Once a closeted world, the art market is now open to everyone, with the risk that works sold at auction will be stigmatized and private negotiations will become increasingly difficult.

In creating ARTVIATIC, I wanted to change the rules of the art market.

My understanding of the revolution created by the internet and my knowledge of the workings of the art market convinced me that we needed to create a bridge to achieve the best of both worlds. Bringing collectors and investors from the world over closer to some of the world’s most coveted works, discreetly and instantly: that is my revolution. Thanks to ARTVIATIC, buyers and selling are finally regaining power over this exclusive market.