ArtViatic provides a free & confidential appraisal service for all artworks that comply with our selection criteria.

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Note that only the owner or their authorised agent can request an appraisal.

Private viewing

ArtViatic provides discreet private viewing spaces in conjunction with select partners worldwide.

Monaco - Paris - London - New York - Geneva - Singapore - Hong Kong

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All are members of ICEFAT and ARTIM and belong to a global network reputed for the quality of its services. Our members benefit from preferential rates.


Our partners include packers, customs brokers, airfreight agents and freight security companies, to provide discreet, secure, and reliable shipping services for your works.

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Shipping, packing and storage costs are the responsibility of the seller.


In conjunction with partners such as Trans Art and Cadogan Tate,
ArtViatic offers world class warehousing and safe storage services
with the further guarantee of state-of-the-art security and conservation systems.
Storage solutions include climate-controlled, air-filtered private safe rooms
and racked or archived storage to ensure that your artwork is kept in pristine condition for as long you require.

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Storage costs are the responsibility of the buyer.


Whether you need assistance with shipping or title insurance, ArtViatic will accompany you every step of the way.

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Escrow account

ArtViatic also provides a free escrow account to protect your transactions.
Funds deposited in the escrow account are held until the buyer notifies ArtViatic that they have received the work and advises our bank to release the funds to the seller.

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We have been providing outstanding service to our members since 2012.