Frequently Asked Questions

Who will find our services useful?

Whether you're a collector, art dealer, consultant, Art professionals, mandated party, gallery, institutional or artist, ArtViatic is for you.


Are you willing to develop your collection and buy masterpieces at fair price?

Make your search easier with the ArtViatic catalogue. Now you can make direct contact confidentially with the owners of works that interest you.

Are you keen to sell one or more works of art and update your collection?

Subscribe to ArtViatic and start negotiating with buyers directly while defending your interests.

Mandated parties

Have you been mandated to sell a work of art?

Make yourself known in the market by listing the work of art on ArtViatic and negotiate directly with potential buyers in your best interests, or better still, in your client's best interests.

Have you been mandated to buy a work of art?

Search for works easily via the ArtViatic catalogue and make direct, confidential contact with the sellers of works that interest you.


ArtViatic welcomes banking institutions, investment funds, foundations and museums through privileged, personal and confidential access to the platform and allow them to buy or sell works without intermediaries and at a significantly lower cost.


Would you like to list your works in an online catalogue?

Put your works up for sale on ArtViatic and make direct, confidential contact with collectors interested in buying your art.

Galleries and Art dealers

Do you want to buy or sell a work of art on your own behalf or on behalf of a client whose collection you are managing?

Contact sellers directly and in total confidentiality through the ArtViatic platform.

As member of ArtViatic, you can list the works of art your client wishes to buy or sell and negotiate directly with potential buyers and sellers, while defending your client's interests.

How are sales run on ArtViatic?

ArtViatic sales are direct sales rather than auctions. ArtViatic has removed the intermediaries and does not interfere with the negotiations in any way. You and you alone decide whether to sell or buy at a price that suits you.

How I can access to ArtViatic platform?

We have two membership packages:
- The ArtViatic Premium subscription offers buyer access to the online catalogue for a period of one year and also entitles you to put one work up for sale free of charge.

- The ArtViatic First Access subscription allows seller to list a work with ArtViatic for a period of four months.With this subcription, you do not have access to the ArtViatic online catalogue.
All you have to do to buy and/or sell on is register with us.

What can I buy and sell on ArtViatic?

ArtViatic only lists exceptional works in our field of expertise, that is, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art. On ArtViatic you can buy and sell paintings, works on paper and sculptures valued at over €150,000.00.

Where can I find help?

If you need advice or help in buying or selling a work of art, please contact our specialists via email. They will be happy to help. Contact us.

How can I work ouf how much my work of art is worth?

If you do not know the value of the work of art you are putting up for sale, please contact our specialists. They will be happy to help. Contact us

What happens if my work of art does not sell?

If you have not received a suitable offer within the four-month period, your work of art will be automatically removed from the ArtViatic catalogue. You can request a renewal.

How much are the commissions on ArtViatic?

The ArtViatic buyer and seller commissions are without doubt the lowest on the market. Each commission is 3%. The commission is therefore based on the price negotiated on the ArtViatic website, which is not necessarily the final sale price that may subsequently be agreed between the buyer and the seller.

I am a seller. Should I sell through ArtViatic or by auction?

Buying and selling on ArtViatic is ideal for collectors who place a lot of importance on speed, discretion, flexibility and independence. The ArtViatic platform allows you to negotiate directly with buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you are no longer at the mercy of people bidding up. As a seller, you no longer have the risk of your work of art being bought in.

And with the ArtViatic platform, you can be sure of buying and selling in your own best interests. Contrary to auction house buyer and seller commissions, which average over 30% of the lot's sale price, ArtViatic's commissions are very low, fair and equitable: 3% buyers, 3% sellers.

How long is my work of art listed for sale on ArtViatic?

When you list a work of art on ArtViatic you agree to put it up for sale for a set period of four months.
If at the end of the four-month period you have not received a suitable offer, your work of art is automatically removed from ArtViatic's online catalogue.

Are the prices negotiated on ArtViatic made public, as with auction sales?

No. ArtViatic sales are strictly confidential.

What factors contribute to a good sale?

1. Valuing your work of art accurately.

2. Favouring a fixed price over a price bracket.

3. Having all the necessary documents ready for the buyer (e.g. certificate, condition report, advance application for passport for exportation (which is obligatory for France, for example), and generally any information that will help the buyer to appraise the work more effectively (e.g. references, bibliography).