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Who should join ?

• Collectors
• Institutions
• Galleries, dealers
• Mandated parties
• Artists


Are you willing to develop your collection and buy masterpieces at fair price?

Make your search easier with the ArtViatic catalogue. Now you can make direct contact confidentially with the owners of works that interest you.

Are you keen to sell one or more works of art and update your collection?

Subscribe to ArtViatic and start negotiating with buyers directly while defending your interests.


ArtViatic welcomes banking institutions, investment funds, foundations and museums through privileged, personal and confidential access to the platform and allow them to buy or sell works without intermediaries and at a significantly lower cost.

Galleries and Art dealers

Do you want to buy or sell a work of art on your own behalf or on behalf of a client whose collection you are managing?

Contact sellers directly and in total confidentiality through the ArtViatic platform.

As member of ArtvIatic, you can list the works of art your client wishes to buy or sell and negotiate directly with potential buyers and sellers, while defending your client's interests.


Mandated parties

Have you been mandated to sell a work of art?

Make yourself known in the market by listing the work of art on ArtViatic and negotiate directly with potential buyers in your best interests, or better still, in your client's best interests.

Have you been mandated to buy a work of art?

Search for works easily via the ArtViatic catalogue and make direct, confidential contact with the sellers of works that interest you.


Would you like to list your works in an online catalogue?

Put your works up for sale on ArtViatic and make direct, confidential contact with collectors interested in buying your art.

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