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Confidential & Secure

• Price obtained for works exchanged on ArtViatic remain private and will not be disclosed publicly.
• Your identity is anonymous.
• We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced security standards.


ArtViatic sales are strictly confidential.

Contrary to auction sales, the prices obtained for works exchanged on ArtViatic remain private and will not be disclosed publicly.

Information transferred through ArtViatic is protected. During all steps of the process, from reception and processing to validation, all information concerning your works and your identity is secure.

From the time of listing, each work features in the ArtViatic catalogue for a period of four months. After four months, the works are withdrawn from the catalogue to eliminate the risk of future devaluation.

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ArtViatic is exceptionally secure. Protecting your personal information and activities on the platform is a key priority.

All information passing through www.artviatic.com is encrypted.

We use the latest SSL standards to ensure that your data and online negotiations cannot be intercepted or manipulated and that your use of the website remains strictly confidential.

ArtViatic uses advanced security technology to block suspicious activity and malicious attacks.

Furthermore, we offer the most advanced security procedures currently available, with long passwords and double authentication via your keyboard or a virtual keyboard that appears each time you connect.